A Study of People, Places and Natural Elements


This body of work began to take shape in the spring of 2020. I have been working with Kodak TRI-X, 400 ISO, Black & White 35mm film and processing all my negatives at home using Sprint Photo Chemicals. 
Initially I was printing the images from this project in my home darkroom, an undeniably rewarding process, yet very time consuming.  I now scan each negative, then enhance the images using Adobe Photoshop, which essentially involves intensifying contrast and depth, and cropping if necessary. Adding this digital aspect into my workflow has proven to be much more efficient. 
To be clear, these double exposures are not created within a digital editing program. They are made by superimposing one image over another, on the same negative, in camera. 
Occasionally, I have a predetermined concept in mind for a specific image, but generally I will form the idea as I go. Either way, the result is almost never exactly what I envisioned. The concept behind this body of work, however, is to use the technique of combining specific subject matter to generate unexpected images, which allude to and evoke challenging and/or pleasurable themes and emotions. 
I typically overlay one image of organic or natural subject matter with a portrait, landscape, or street scene. I am in constant dialogue with the environment , while contemplating ideas, questions, and opinions which surface for me while creating the art. 
I do not advance through a roll of film quickly. One roll of 24 exposures typically takes two weeks, and up to, two months to finish. I make incremental progress daily and the results keep me intrigued and engaged. I consider making art a privilege. For me, it is about process and continuous learning.